How to Use a Tritton 720 With a Computer

By Greyson Ferguson

The Tritton 720 is an audio headset that emulates 5.1 surround sound with just the two ear speakers. You can use the Tritton 720 with any audio device, including your computer system. After connecting the headphones to your computer, you do need to adjust the audio alignment on the computer, as by default it does not produce surround sound audio, unless the settings are adjusted.

Step 1

Insert the 3.5mm cable running from the Tritton 720 into the "Line-Out" port on the computer. This is the same port used by computer speakers. If using a laptop computer, plug the cable into the "Headphone" jack.

Step 2

Click "Start," "Control Panel," then choose "Sound."

Step 3

Click the pull-down option for sound settings, then choose "5.1 Surround Sound."

Step 4

Click "OK," then exit out of the Sound and Control Panel windows. The Tritton 720 will now reproduce any audio created by the computer system.