How to Use a Webcam on an Asus Laptop

By Chappy Sinclair

A webcam is a small computer camera that can broadcast audio and video over the Internet in applications that support outgoing audio and video, such as instant messenger applications and chat rooms. Webcams are USB-based devices, making them compatible with any ASUS laptop that meets the minimum specifications for the particular model you're using. Most webcams require you to at least install drivers, while some may come with their own software that allows you to adjust other webcam features.

Step 1

Connect the webcam to any available USB port on the laptop. The New Hardware Wizard will open.

Step 2

Insert the installation CD that comes with the webcam and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 3

Attach the webcam to the top of the Asus laptop using the mount that comes with most laptop-specific webcams. If the webcam doesn't have a laptop mount, position the webcam so that it is facing you and the microphone is not blocked.

Step 4

Adjust the webcam properties. Some webcams include their own proprietary software that allows you to adjust the microphone volume, brightness and other visual options. To adjust the recording volume in Windows, right-click the volume icon in the Windows taskbar, click "Recording Devices" and double-click "Microphone." Speak into the microphone and adjust the sliders until the outgoing volume is where you want it.