How to Use an iMac Webcam

By Contributing Writer

iMacs are equipped with a webcam that allows you to take pictures and videos which you can then share with others through email and iPhoto. The internal webcam in an iMac is located at the top-center of the monitor. Since the webcam is embedded, it takes only a few steps to use it (compared to external webcams that you can switch on or off but must be installed and connected first). The iMac webcam is also a fast and easy way to take pictures while you're on the computer rather than taking and uploading pictures with a digital camera.

Things You'll Need

  • iMac
  • Photo Booth application

Step 1

Log in to your account on your iMac. Any account, even non-administrator accounts, can access controls for the webcam. Logging in with your own username and password will allow you to store webcam shots in your own folders.

Step 2

Locate and launch Photo Booth, the webcam application. You can find it by searching through the dock located at the bottom of your desktop or the Finder menu. You may also try using the Spotlight search system to locate Photo Booth by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the desktop. Photo Booth is the default software for use with the iMac's webcam and is factory-installed on iMacs with Mac OS X or greater.

Step 3

Adjust the settings on the Photo Booth application. On the lower left corner, you will find three options—single shot, quick shot and video shot—that you can choose from. Single shot takes a single picture, quick shot takes four pictures in succession, and video shot allows you to record a movie clip.

Step 4

Pose for the camera and click on the red button at the bottom center of the Photo Booth application. A green signal light to the right of the webcam lens indicates that the webcam is on. Click on the "Effects" button on the lower right side of the Photo Booth application to add a design to your webcam pictures.

Step 5

Click on the left and right arrows on the Photo Booth reel at the bottom of the application. Browse through the pictures you've taken and select options for your pictures. You can email them, import to iPhoto, use as an account picture or set as a buddy picture. You can set these options by clicking on the photo and the designated options at the top of the picture reel.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the photos you take have dirt specs on them, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the camera lens clean.
  • You can save pictures by dragging the picture to a folder on your iMac.
  • You can use the webcam with chat applications such as Skype by setting the preferences on the chat application and enabling the video capability.