How to Use an iPhone As a iPod Without Activation

By John Mitchell

Older iPhone models, like the 3G and 3GS, still have plenty of use in them, even ifyou no longer use them as cell phones. Access the iPod capabilities so you will have a portable music player. This can be done with or without service activation. Of course, if you have an old iPhone that was previously activated, then it is already set for playing music and surfing the mobile web. However, if you recently acquired an iPhone that says it needs to be activated, there is a way around that dreaded activation screen.

Step 1

Open the SIM card port at the top of the iPhone. Inserting the end of a paper clip and pushing it in will usually unlock the SIM card tray.

Step 2

Remove the SIM card tray from the top slot.

Step 3

Take your unused SIM card and place it in the card tray. The tray is grooved with a particular mold where it will only fit one way.

Step 4

Insert the SIM card and tray back into the top slot. Push down so it locks in place and is flush when the iPhone's exterior shell.

Step 5

Connect your iPhone with the white USB adapter and plug the phone into your computer.

Step 6

Load iTunes on your computer and wait for it sync. Agree to any on screen prompts if directed.

Step 7

Keep your iPhone plugged in until the activation screen no longer shows on your device. Additionally, do not disconnect the iPhone from your computer until it has fully synced your iTunes music library.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can try using your old SIM card or a friend's if you cannot obtain an unused SIM card from your service provider. Any SIM card should do, as it is needed during the activation process, even if it does not work or is associated to a service account.
  • Bypassing the activation screen with an old or unused SIM card only allows you to surf the mobile web via Wi-Fi, play your music and do other non-phone related functions.