How to Use an iPhone With No iPhone Plan

By Shawn Farner

The iPhone is a smartphone created by Apple that uses AT&T's wireless network in the United States. When purchasing and activating an iPhone, AT&T also requires that you add a data package to your cell phone plan. If you'd like to save the money and go without a data plan while still using an iPhone, you can do so by inserting a SIM card from a non-smartphone device and changing a few settings on the iPhone.

Things You'll Need

  • Non-smartphone AT&T phone
  • iPhone that is already activated

Step 1

Remove your SIM card from your non-smartphone AT&T device.

Step 2

Place your SIM card in the iPhone. You can do so by ejecting the SIM card loader (located at the top of the phone) with a pin. Place your SIM card inside the loader and slide it back into the phone.

Step 3

Connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and visit the iPhone APN Changer website using the iPhone's browser (see Resources).

Step 4

Tap "Disable Data (Fake APN)" and wait for the "Install Profile" window to appear.

Step 5

Select "Install" and, when the warning window pops up, select "Install" again. You'll now be told that the iPhone "Could not activate Cellular Data Network." You can now use your iPhone without a data plan. Your iPhone will not attempt to access the data network, so you won't receive any surprise charges.