How to Use an iPod Serial Number to See If It Is Stolen

By Marissa Robert

With all of the information Apple collects when you register your iPod, you would think that they would track the information if your iPod were stolen, but they do not. There are a few services that do allow you to register a stolen iPod, as well as checking to see if an iPod you bought or received as a gift was previously stolen. These services allow iPod owners whose iPods were stolen to register the serial numbers in databases.

Step 1

Use the FastFelixx to check if an iPod has been registered and reported stolen. FastFelixx offers memberships for a fee that allow you access to a variety of services, including iPod registry and serial number tracking. FastFelixx allows you to check a stolen iPod's serial number by entering "stolen ipod serial number 73032IPODDEMO" as a complete phrase with the quotation marks in your favorite search engine. When the search results come up, look for one with the domain name. Substitute "73032IPODDEMO" with the serial number for your iPod to find out if it has been registered and reported stolen with FastFelixx.

Step 2

Search for the serial number of a stolen iPod by entering it in the search field at the Stolen iPod Database and tapping the "Enter" key on your computer. If no results come up, your iPod was not reported stolen through the Stolen iPod Database. You can also register your own iPod and report it stolen on this site for free.

Step 3

Use Stolen-Property to search their database for your iPod's serial number. Go to the site, and enter the serial number in the database search field at the top of the page, then press the "Search" button. If there are no results found, your iPod has not been reported stolen at Stolen-Property.

Step 4

Check the Stolen Inventory Database for Macs and iPods on Power Max. Enter the serial number for your iPod in the search field, and press the "Search" button. If the search returns no results, your iPod has not been reported stolen with Power Max.