How to Use an Olympus Digital Camera As a Webcam

By Chris Moore

Many models of Olympus digital cameras are considered to be unusable as a webcam on a computer. It is also considered unnecessary due to the relative low cost of actual webcams. But if you absolutely want your Olympus camera to double as a webcam, you can with the right computer device. You need a video capture device that will transmit video images to your computer and a cable that will connect this device to the video port on your camera. If the camera doesn't have a video port, there is one other semi-option.

Things You'll Need

  • Olympus Digital Camera
  • Computer
  • Video Capture Device
  • Composite-to-Mini Video Cable

Step 1

Make sure the Olympus camera has audio-video outputs. These will look like mini stereo ports. If the camera doesn't have them, skip to the last step.

Step 2

Connect a video capture card device to your computer. You need one with a USB-to-RCA composite connection. Plug this adapter into an open USB port on the computer.

Step 3

Link the camera to the video capture card through a mini-to-composite video cable. This cable has the the three RCA composite plugs (yellow, red and white) on one end and a mini stereo plug with three black bands on the other end. Plug the composite plugs to the video card, making sure the colors link up and connect the mini to the camera's video output.

Step 4

Go to "My Computer" in your PC's Control Panel. Locate the icon for the video capture card and click on it. Turn on the camera and you should see the image from the camera lens on your computer screen.

Step 5

Open your video chat program or any other program you want to use the camera with. The Olympus camera will act as the webcam for the program.

Step 6

Attach a microphone to your computer since this makeshift webcam does not transmit sound. An electronics store should have a microphone that will connect via USB or other audio input port on your computer.

Step 7

Download a digital camera control software program like Cam2Com, install it onto your PC and connect the camera through its USB cable. With this, the camera can take pictures and transmit them directly to the computer. However, you can't send live streaming video through the camera this way.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using a digital camera as a webcam will drain the camera battery quickly. You can also damage the shutter speed and lens cap by forcing them to remain open for a long time.

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