How to Use an Optical Audio Cable

By Mike Benson

Designed to provide full-range audio to your sound system, an optical cable delivers multichannel audio without the need for multiple cables. Optical audio cables can convey a high-quality digital signal between your media player and sound system. Sometimes referred to as a Toslink cable, an optical cable transfers the signal using fiber-optic technology.

Step 1

Turn the power off on both of your devices. You can remove any unneeded audio cables. However, in most cases, you can leave other audio cables connected if you still intend to use them.

Step 2

Pull off the plastic safety caps from each end of the optical cable.

Step 3

Insert one end into the media player "Optical Out" port. The end you use does not matter as both ends of the cable are identical. In some cases, the port may be labeled "Digital" or "SPDIF."

Step 4

Insert the other end into the "Optical In" port on your sound device.

Step 5

Turn on the power to your devices and refer to your device manual for configuring your devices.