How to Use Bluetooth as Wireless Internet

By Michael Ryan

Just as Bluetooth can be used to share files and audio from a Bluetooth-equipped computer to other Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth can also be used to share an Internet connection between devices. By creating a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN), the high-speed mobile data connection on a cell phone or smart phone can be used by nearby computers that have Bluetooth radios. As sharing an Internet connection between Bluetooth devices can use bandwidth quickly, make sure you have an unlimited data plan on the Bluetooth device that will be hosting the Bluetooth PAN.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone with Bluetooth and Internet sharing capabilities
  • Computer(s) with Bluetooth
  • Data plan

Step 1

Pair the device to your laptop. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. This can be turned on in the Settings menu. Next, open the Bluetooth settings in the Control Panel on your computer, and select "Add a Bluetooth Device" or similar; the wording varies based on the version of Windows installed on your machine. The computer will scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. Select your smart phone when it is located.

Step 2

Open Internet Sharing. The Internet Sharing application is located in the Start menu on Windows Mobile phones, and it can be found in the application or utilities folder on other devices.

Step 3

Select Bluetooth connection. Once you open Internet Sharing, select Bluetooth PAN as the type of connection you want to start. Make sure that the network connection option is set to your cellular carrier.

Step 4

Start the connection. Click the Connect soft key on your cell phone or smart phone to finish the Bluetooth wireless Internet setup.

Step 5

Connect the laptop to the Bluetooth PAN. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the lower-right hand corner of the Taskbar on your PC. Select the option to "Join a PAN" or similar. Select the PAN to which you want to connect. This procedure can be used to connect subsequent computers to the PAN. To stop the connection, go to your smart phone and press Disconnect to terminate the Bluetooth PAN.

Tips & Warnings

  • While mobile data carriers in the United States advertise their wireless Internet services as unlimited, the reality is that there is a 5 GB per month limit imposed on users of wireless data plans. If you exceed this bandwidth, you will be charged for each additional megabyte of data you use in a given billing period.