How to Use Call Forwarding

By Faith O

Call forwarding allows incoming calls to be redirected to and answered by another number. Most call forwarding systems on home phones use the *72/*73 code. Some systems also have remote access call forwarding, which allows you to turn call forwarding on and off from any touch-tone phone.

Step 1

Make sure your phone has call forwarding service as one of its features. If you are not sure of this, call your phone company to find out.

Step 2

Press *72 to forward incoming calls to a different phone number, and then dial the phone number you want your calls forwarded to. Once the call is answered, call forwarding is in effect. If the line is busy, repeat the process.

Step 3

Test the call forwarding service. Call your number and make sure the call is forwarded to the forwarded number. If it is working correctly, your phone should ring once before the incoming call goes to the other number.

Step 4

Be cognizant of the costs. Remember that when you have call forwarding set up, the phone line that is forwarded is billed as if an outgoing call is being made. So long distance charges will apply if the number the calls are forwarded to is a long distance number. This is in addition to the cost of receiving the call, if it is forwarded to a cellphone, for example.

Step 5

Turn off call forwarding by dialing *73 from your phone. For an additional fee, most phone companies provide remote call forwarding, which can be controlled from any phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are forwarding a call from an online system such as Skype, Yahoo Voice, a VOIP service or another online call forwarding service, follow the system's instructions.