How to Use Daemon Tools

By Randall Shatto

Daemon Tools is a disc imaging software application. You can create ISOs or other imaging files. In addition, you can "Mount" this type of file to run from a virtual drive on your computer. Certain downloadable file types are disc images. A disc image is creating a file from a hard disc such as a CD, DVD or BluRay. Then you can use that file to run directly from your hard drive with imaging software such as Daemon Tools.

Step 1

Double-click the Daemon Tools exe file, similar to "Daemon4304.exe." Setup the automatic installation. Agree to license. Press "Next" on component window. Unclick "Browser Start Page" and select "Next." To finish, click "Install."

Step 2

Right-click on the "Disc" image in the toolbar. Select "Daemon Tools Panel."

Step 3

Select the spiked circle icon, fourth from the left. Change the "Integration" preference. Click "Select All." Press "Apply."

Step 4

Press the drive disk icon, third from the left. Hover the mouse over "Device 0:" Select "Mount Image." Go to the image file folder. Highlight the supported file and press "Open." The file should automatically run. If it does not, press the "Start Menu" icon. Select "My Computer" and double-click the Daemon Tools virtual drive, typically "E:" or "F:" drive letter.

Step 5

Create a disc image. Insert a CD, DVD or BluRay in your drive. Select the second icon in the Daemon Tools panel. Change the "Destination Image File" folder by pressing the "..." button. Select the "Save File Type" as either ISO or MDS. Choose a folder to save the file. Press "Save" and then "Start."

Tips & Warnings

  • Daemon Tools supports imaging files such as ISO and MDS.

References & Resources