How to Use Dentrix

By Giselle Diamond

Dentrix is a helpful software program designed specifically for use in a dentist's office to keep track of patients, checkups, appointments, billing and patient information. Dentrix can be complicated to use and get used to, so it is important you learn how to use it properly to get the maximum efficiency. Dentrix is used in dentists' offices nationwide and is one of the oldest and most common programs used today.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Tutorial disc
  • Dentrix software
  • Patient information

Step 1

Install the Dentrix software. Before installing, make sure your office systems meet the proper requirements for the software to function efficiently. For example, your computers may need the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer to run, or it may require Windows XP, ME or Vista.

Step 2

Start the Dentrix software and run the tutorial program. This may come on a separate disk or may show up immediately after beginning the run program function.

Step 3

Follow the instructions and work through the tutorial. For some programs, this may mean adding the information you already have on your patients to be used later, once the tutorial has been worked through. For other programs, this may mean reading, doing examples and learning about the different icons and functions. It is very important to work completely through the tutorial and not miss any important information on how the software works and is used.

Step 4

Practice what you have learned on the actual software after you have finished with the tutorial. Collect the patient, insurance, billing and appointment information you have (maybe in paper files or another program) and set it all up in the Dentrix software program. This is important, because if you cannot use the program with at least some confidence, mix-ups and mistakes may happen when dealing with patients.

Step 5

Enlist the help of a tech member, if necessary. The Dentrix website may provide help if you are experiencing technical difficulties. Run through the tutorial program until you are comfortable with it, or enlist the help of another person who is.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set up all your information and run the tutorial while the office is closed to limit frustrations and mix-ups.
  • Dentrix, like any other software program, may take some time to learn.

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