How to Use Dentrix Software

By Yvonne Van Damme

Dentrix is a software program used in dental offices. It is one of the most commonly used software programs and has been available for 20 years. Dentrix manages patient appointments, scheduling, insurance information and treatment plans. You can customize Dentrix according to the particular needs of your dental office. It will take time to completely learn how to use the program and implement it in the most optimal way to manage your business.

Step 1

Load the Dentrix software onto the main computer in the dental office. Place the software disk into the optical disk drive and run the tutorial program. This program is comprehensive, and will walk you through how to set Dentrix up so that it works the way you need.

Step 2

Follow the instructions from the tutorial to input the patient information. This involves putting the patient's personal information in the database, along with their insurance information and any dental treatment done at the office. Once comfortable with inputting patient information, enter in the treatment each patient needs.

Step 3

Follow instructions from the tutorial to install and properly manage the calendar for your office. You have options for color-coding the calendar based on each provider and type of service. Create the schedule that works best for your office. This will depend on whether you are in an office with a lot of dentists and dental hygienists, or a small office.

Step 4

Practice making appointments and going through the patient input process. It's best to perfect this before dealing with actual patients. Enter patient, billing, insurance and appointment information into the Dentrix program. If you have questions or issues during the process, refer back to the Dentrix software tutorial.

Step 5

Practice creating treatment plans. In Dentrix, it's relatively easy to input the dental work done on an image of actual teeth. Just click on the tooth and put in the information about the dental work done on that tooth. Dentrix has an area where you can enter future dental work needs. This is the information that creates the treatment plan. The cost also displays on the treatment plan. Before creating a treatment plan, verify that the patient's insurance information is correct so that the treatment cost displays correctly.

Tips & Warnings

  • One feature of Dentrix is that you can group people together that are members of the same family.
  • Contact the Dentrix customer support for assistance and questions (see Resources).