How to Use

By Lesley Barker

Are you planning an event like a wedding, shower, birthday party, concert, fundraiser? Whatever your event, this website provides the opportunity for you to create a customized invitation that you can send to your guestlist over the internet. Then it collects the replies and even the price of admission to a fee-based event. Here is how it works - it's all free, too.

Things You'll Need

  • computer
  • internet connection
  • email address list for your guests

Step 1

Set up a free account at You will need to provide your full name and contact information including your real address and email addresses. Then you will receive a password and user name so that you can access your account and all of your invitations.

Step 2

Collect the information you need - the email addresses of your prospective guests, the date, time and location (with the zip code) of your event, a name and theme for your event, any jpg formatted pictures that you would like to include on your electronic invitation which this website calls an e-vite. If you will be collecting an admission fee or other event related amount of money you can include a Paypal button on your e--vite as long as you already have a Paypal account and your email is the same one that is associated with that account.

Step 3

Sign into your account. Click on "Create an Invitation". You will be prompted to select a design for your evite. Pick your favorite or else pick the option for you to customize your own. You will be prompted to fill in the e-vite with the information you gathered. At any point you can save your draft and return to work on it later.

Step 4

Use the navigation tools on the "Host" version of the e-vite to manage the actual guest list. You can invite more people, edit the invitation, edit the guests' replies, send messages to the guests, remove guests from the list, organize a carpool etc. Whenever you open the invitation from your home page you will be able to see the current status of each person you invited. Is this an open invitation? You can set your evite so that guests can invite others and you can still keep an accurate count of who's coming. You will even be notified by email whenever a guest replies. Do you need help actually planning the event? There are links to all kinds of ideas that you can use. This website is a great free tool for every type of event from the child's birthday party to the nonprofit organization's gala fundraising event. Don't miss it.