How to Use Gameboy Emulators

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Play Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games on your home computer through the use of Gameboy Emulators. Emulators imitate the original software used to run the game systems. Get an emulator to play the cool games you grew up playing, from Super Mario Brothers to Frogger.

Step 1

Visit the Emulator Zone website to download Visual Boy Advanced (see Resources below).

Step 2

Download the emulator. Before downloading, make sure your computer can handle it. If your computer is a recent model, it is fine. The files are small and should download very quickly. Click on the link to download. You will be asked to open or save the files. Save them to your desktop.

Step 3

Open the emulator once it has been downloaded by clicking on the icon on the desktop. An installation wizard should come up, and at that point you can look in My Computer for your games you'd like to play with the emulator.

Step 4

Once a game is chosen to play, hit the "Enter" key to start the game. Use the keyboard to play the game. The button on a Nintendo controller that was "A" is now "Z" on the keyboard, and the "B" button on the controller is "X" on the keyboard. Select is "Backspace" on your keyboard, and you move using the cursor keys.

Step 5

Try a joypad to play with. Even though the keyboard can be used, many people that are used to playing these games with simple handheld controllers may get more enjoyment out of using a joystick. Try a USB gamepad, which is simple to configure and has only a few buttons just like the original controllers.