How to Use Google Maps Street Views

By Si Kingston

Google Maps is a popular resource for users looking for specific directions and other mapping technology. In addition to providing directions, Google Maps has incorporated Street View. Street View gives users enhanced views of their location of interest from their computers. Users can zoom in and view a specific home or building of interest, see available parking options around a destination of choice, such as a football stadium, or just check out streets and cities all over the world.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and go to Google Maps.

Step 2

Enter an address or location (e.g., city or state) into the search field at the top of the page and click the "Search Maps" button.

Step 3

Look for the "A" symbol on the map. This represents point A. Select the "A" symbol to gain access to more options. Click "More" on the menu.

Step 4

Select "Street View." You will now be in Street View, and you will be looking directly at a street and any houses or businesses on that street. If you only entered in a city name, you will be directed to a street that Google selects in that city. For specific streets, enter an exact street name, city and state into the search field as directed in Step 2.

Step 5

Look for a transparent-gray circle; this is one of your points of navigation. Move up and down the street by selecting a point on this gray circle with your mouse. Then physically move your mouse around to move forward and backward on the street. You may also look up toward the sky or down toward the street; you can even turn around by just moving your mouse around. If you have a mouse with a touch pad (like on a laptop), glide your finger around on the touch pad to make the same movements.

Step 6

Find the four-direction navigational circle in the top-left corner of the interface. This is also a navigational tool. Just click the up, down, left or right arrow to move up and down and around the street.

Step 7

Zoom in and out using the zoom tool located below the four-direction navigational circle at the top left. Click on the "+" or "-" symbol with your mouse to zoom in (+) or out (-). This will allow you to zoom into buildings and homes on the street.