How to Use Headphones With Your TV

By James Clark

Televisions equipped with headphone jacks make it easy to enjoy private listening while watching. The user connects the plug on the headphone cord to the jack on the TV. However, not all TV models feature headphone jacks, so connecting a set of headphones can require ingenuity and an audio adapter available at electronics stores.

Things You'll Need

  • TV
  • RCA audio Y-adapter with jack for mini-plug on one end.
  • headphones

Step 1

Connect the plug on a set of headphones directly to the jack on TVs equipped with a headphones jack, typically on the front of the console. Continue to Step 2 if the TV does not have an audio jack for private listening.

Step 2

Insert the RCA plugs on one end of an audio Y-adapter into the audio "Out" jacks on the back of the TV, using the white plug for the left channel and the red plug for the right.

Step 3

Insert the mini-plug on the end of the headphones cord into the mini-plug jack on the Y-adapter.

Step 4

Switch off the built-in speakers on the TV by pressing the "Menu" button on the TV or remote control, and then by using the up and down arrows to toggle to "Speakers." Press the left and right buttons to turn off the speakers or turn them on.

Step 5

Adjust the TV volume to a comfortable level for listening and put on the headphones.

Tips & Warnings

  • Leave the Y-adapter connected to the TV when the headphones are not in use and unplug the headphones from the adapter.
  • Avoid listening through headphones set to an excessive volume.