How to Use Inches in Excel

By Isaiah Turning

Excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet software. says Excel is useful for formatting and analyzing all types of data, providing tools to assist with completing the task. Excel contains cell formatting options that allow the input numbers to display and convert as a number of units of measurement but surprisingly does not have a default setting for displaying numbers as inches in the spreadsheet. However, with Excel's custom formatting, numbers can easily be displayed as inches.

Step 1

Select the cells that you would like to format as inches. To do this, click and drag to highlight the cells. You can also click the letters at the top to highlight entire columns or the numbers on the side to highlight entire rows.

Step 2

Right-click the selected cells to open the context-sensitive menu. If the cells contain numbers or are empty, one of the options will be "Format." Select "Format."

Step 3

Select the "Number" tab in the Format Cells screen to show settings for number cells. In most cases, this will be the default tab when the Format Cells screen opens.

Step 4

Scroll down, and choose "Custom" from the category list on the "Number" tab. This will show options for setting up a custom format for numbers that is not provided by any other options.

Step 5

Type "#0 [$ inches]" to format the selected cells as inches. If you would rather the cells show the abbreviation of inches, use "#0 [$ in]."

Tips & Warnings

  • To expand on your use of inches in Excel, shows that you can use the CONVERT function to easily turn your cells with inches into measurements displayed as feet.