How to Use McDonald's Free Wi-Fi

By Jay Darrington

Most McDonald's fast-food restaurants now offer free wireless Internet to anyone who wants to use it. Any mobile device with a Web browser is capable of using the Internet access, allowing people to eat and surf the Internet at the same time. This is ideal for professionals on road trips who need to check email or communicate with others, or other people who just want Web access.

Step 1

Turn on your device's wireless feature.

Step 2

Choose the network for McDonald's Wi-Fi service. Note that this may have names such as "Wayport Wireless" or "attwifi." Ask an employee if you're not sure which to connect to.

Step 3

Open a Web browser on your device.

Step 4

Check the box for accepting the terms and conditions for the site that appears.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you use McDonald's Wi-Fi, you should purchase food or a drink from them as an act of ethics. Don't steal Wi-Fi.

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