How to Use Micro SD Adapter on Desktop

By Kristen Waters

A microSD card is a memory card that is used in cellular phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. The card itself is very small, about the size of a dime. In order to be used with a desktop or laptop computer, the card comes with an adapter that enlarges it to the size of normal SD memory card. When the microSD card is placed in the adapter, it can be read by internal or external card readers.

Things You'll Need

  • microSD card and adapter
  • SD card reader

Step 1

Insert the microSD card into the adapter that was enclosed in the package it came with.

Step 2

On your computer, click on the "Start" menu, then select "My Computer."

Step 3

Insert the SD card into the card reader in your computer. If your computer does not have a card reader, you will have to purchase an external card reader that plugs into the USB port (see Resources).

Step 4

Look for the SD card to appear in the "My Computer" pop up screen as a drive with a drive letter.

Step 5

Double click on the SD drive. The drive can be used like any other drive or folder on your computer.

Step 6

Add and remove files as needed.

Step 7

Close the SD card folder when finished.

Step 8

Click on the "Safely Remove Mass Storage Device" icon in the right side of the task bar.

Step 9

Remove the SD card from the card reader when you see the "Safe To Remove Hardware" message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some cellular phones, MP3 players and digital cameras will allow you to access the microSD card by plugging the actual device into the computer using a USB cord.