How to Use Microsoft Excel for Free

By Launie Sorrels

That college paper needs to get finished, but you don't have a computer with Microsft Excel installed. Being a broke college student, you cannot afford to go out and purchase a copy right now. What do you do? Here are a few tips to help you to use Microsoft Excel for free.

Step 1

Go to Microsoft's website and get a free 60-day trial version (see Resources below).

Step 2

Download an Excel reader. If your current problem is that you can't read an Excel file, then download the Excel Reader (see Resources below).

Step 3

Go to your local library. Not all, but some public libraries do have Microsoft Excel on their computers. Call ahead to make sure they have the software.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not get Excel product numbers online or from friends in order to install Excel for free. This is illegal. When you go to register your software with Microsoft, they will be able to check your computer to verify if it is a store-bought copy or not.