How to Use Microsoft Word Online

By Justin H. Pot

If you love Microsoft Word but wish you could save your documents to the Internet, you are in luck. Microsoft provides a service capable of doing just that. While the service cannot yet be used to edit documents from within a web browser, it does allow you to edit your documents from any computer with Microsoft Office installed--and even to share documents and collaborate with other Office users. The service provides you with 5GBs of storage space free for Microsoft Office users.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Word

Step 1

Register for Microsoft Office Live Workspace (see link in Resources). You will need to provide your name, email address and a few other bits of information to sign up for the free service. You will receive a user name. Use this user name and the password you provide to access the web interface, which will allow you to upload and download Microsoft Office documents from its web interface. The true convenience, however, comes when you tie the program into your Office account.

Step 2

Install the Microsoft Office plug in for Microsoft Office Live Workspace (see link in Resources.) This plug in will allow you to access your online documents and to save documents to your online folder, from within Microsoft Word. Download "setup.exe" and double click it. Follow the prompts, clicking "Next" when necessary.

Step 3

Log in to the service from within Microsoft Office. Open Microsoft Word. The Office Live Workspace toolbar will appear below your standard toolbar. Click "Open" on the toolbar followed by "Sign in to Office Live Workspace." Follow the prompts to log in. You can now use Microsoft Word online, saving and loading documents from your Office Live Workspace.