How to Use One Line for a Phone, Fax & Answering Machine

By Contributing Writer

Having only a single phone line is cumbersome if you are trying to run a business, especially if you need a fax machine, telephone and answering machine. However, it actually can all be done on a single phone line with a little patience and planning. Sorting faxes and phone calls, is the first step to keeping your operation running smoothly.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone line splitter
  • Caller ID

Step 1

Plug a dual phone line splitter into a phone outlet. This makes it possible to plug two phone lines into one outlet.

Step 2

Purchase a telephone with a built-in answering machine. Combining these two devices will save space.

Step 3

Install the telephone answering machine into one side of the dual line splitter. Install the fax machine into the other side.

Step 4

Arrange for those sending faxes to call in advance and notify you that they intend to send a fax. It also may be helpful to have caller ID so that you can recognize fax calls that you receive regularly.

Step 5

Consider purchasing an all in one unit that has a fax machine and phone, with answering machine all in one. These units will allow you to switch over to fax receiving mode when you pick up the receiver.