How to Use Onenote

By Sam N. Austin

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is a software application designed to simulate the experience of using a physical notebook or tabbed binder. OneNote features allow you to write loosely structured notes, scribble ideas, or even use the digital equivalent of sticky notes on sheets of digital paper which you can then organize in a digital binder. Microsoft OneNote is compatible with tablet PC-style interfaces, but can also be used on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. After you have set up a basic notebook/binder in OneNote, you can begin to use OneNote immediately.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Office OneNote 2007. Click the "File" link in the OneNote menu bar, point to "New," then click the "Notebook" icon. This opens the New Notebook wizard.

Step 2

Type a name for your new notebook in the "Name" text box in the New Notebook wizard. Click the "Blank" template in the template list, then select a color for your new notebook from the options in the "Color" drop-down palate. Click the "Next" button.

Step 3

Click the radio button next to "I will use it on this computer" then click the "Next" button.

Step 4

Click the "Create" on the Confirm notebook location page. This closes the wizard and displays a folder with a tab and blank page in the main pane of the OneNote window.

Step 5

Create a new name for the first tab in your notebook. Right-click the "New Section 1" tab at the top of the your new notebook and click the "Rename" link in the context menu. This will highlight the text in the "New Section 1" tab. Type a new name for the "New Section 1" tab in text box inside the tab, then press the "Enter" key. This changes the name of the tab to the name you have chosen.

Step 6

Create a name for the first page in your notebook. Type a name in the empty text field displayed in the page under your new tab. As you type a name in the text field, it will be added to the list of page names on the list of pages on the right-hand side of the main OneNote window.

Step 7

Add a note on the new page. Place your mouse pointer over a blank section of the page you have just named and start typing. This create the first note.

Step 8

Continue adding notes, pages and tabs to your new notebook as needed. All additions are saved automatically, and you can close OneNote at any time without needing to save your work.