How to Use Outlook

By Sharon Meier

Outlook is a tool you can use to manage your time, emails, contacts and to-do lists all in one place. The navigation pane makes it easy to move from one program to the next. Finding information is a snap with the search feature. You can customize each feature of Outlook by using the "tools-customize" option. You can also sync your cell phone or online calendars such as Yahoo or Google with Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1

Set up Outlook to send and receive emails and customize it. Select "Tools," then "Email accounts" and follow the wizard to set up your accounts. Create folders to store emails. Use flags to highlight and prioritize emails. Attach documents and pictures to your email from the insert menu. Filter junk mail by creating rules and setting preferences. Create a signature to insert in your emails under the tools---options menu.

Step 2

Organize your addresses in Outlooks contacts. Set up two folders, one for business and the other for personal contacts. Include an email address, a picture, notes and website address. Select a category for each contact, such as holiday list, business, supplier, etc. Use the map icon to view or print a map of the contact's address.

Step 3

Schedule your appointments and set up meetings with Outlook calendar. View by day, week or month. Schedule a reminder pop-up for important appointments. Color-code the appointments by selecting the categories button. Set up reoccurring appointments by using the recurrence option. Choose the recurrence pattern of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Select the day of week and how often.

Step 4

Create a to-do list with the task manager. Organize your daily schedule with the task manager and calendar, add items and crossing them off the list as they are accomplished.

Step 5

Use notes to keep track of information and file notes in calendars and contacts.

Step 6

Set up share privileges to share calendar, contacts and tasks with coworkers or family. Sharing can be set up on an office or home server or online.

Step 7

Create a customized electronic business card in contacts. Add a photo, logo, business phone and address. Attach the electronic business card to the bottom of your emails.

Step 8

Read and manage RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and blogs with Outlook 2007. Add subscriptions to the Outlook home page through Office online.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sync Outlook to other devices such as Yahoo calendar, Google calendar or your cell phone.
  • Send text messages from Outlook email.
  • Cut down on spam by adding senders to blocked senders list.
  • When on vacation, use the out of office assistant to send an immediate reply to emails.