How to Use Pandora Radio

By Jennifer Hammitt

Pandora internet radio is an alternative to broadcast stations. You can make your own channels and decide what songs and artists get airtime through Pandora's voting system. It really is easy to make an account, set up your channels, vote, and enjoy your own stations from your computer and in some instance your phone and from home

Step 1

Create an account. Go to the Pandora website and create a free account. All you really need is an e-mail address. You can choose to give more information out on your profile, but it is not required.

Step 2

Create your channels. Once your account has been created, you can create your channels. You will be instructed to key in an artist's name. The program will then create a channel that will play songs by that artist and similar artists. You can make as many channels as you would like. You can pick which channel you want to listen to, or you can mix and match the stations using the Quick Mix option. You can listen to two or more of your channels together. Click on the Quick Mix tab and set up your options.

Step 3

Vote on your content. As each channel plays songs, you vote on them. If you give a song a thumbs up, it will be played more frequently. Voting is easy. the song that is playing will be listed along with a graphic of the ablbum the song is off of. At the bottom of the graphic there will be three icons. The first is a thumbs down icon. The second is the menu arrow. The third is the thumbs up icon. When you click on the thumbs down icon it will put a thumbs down on the song and then fast forward to the next song. If you click the menu arrow, a menu will pop up. you can vote on your song, find out why Pandora chose it for you, or tell the system you like the song but you are tired of hearing it. If you click on the thumbs up icon, it will give the song a thumbs up and keep playing unless you manually fast forward to the next song.

Step 4

If you give an artist one or two thumbs down (provided it isn’t on the artist's own channel), the song will not play on that channel again. However, the rating is only good on that channel. So you may have to give multiple thumbs down on an artist. If you have a Michelle Branch, an Avril Lavigne, and a Veronica's channel, you will probably have to give Kelly Clarkson a thumbs down at least six times to get her out of your rotation. This keeps the songs and artists you don’t want out of the mix, and gives you the songs you love in a heavier rotation. Some stations need more work than others. For instance, if you like Rihanna, but you aren’t a fan of other artists like her, you will need to give negative votes to many songs on that station before it is to your liking.

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