How to Use PC Games on a Mac

By Hollan Johnson

There are many differences between Macs and PCs. One of them being there are a lot more video games available for the PC than for the Mac. If you want to play PC games, but only have a Mac, there are a few ways to accomplish this gaming mission.

Things You'll Need

  • Intel based Mac
  • Boot-Camp
  • Windows XP Install Disk.
  • PC games.

Step 1

Check and see if your Mac is Intel based. Click "About this Mac" in the upper left hand Apple icon. It should let you know if you have an Intel based Mac or a Power PC. Only Intel based Macs can play PC games without problems.

Step 2

Download and install Bootcamp or another program that allows you to run Windows on your Intel based Mac.

Step 3

Install Windows XP on your Mac. Once it is finished, Bootcamp will automatically install many drivers. Keep clicking continue, no matter what Windows says. Once it's finished you will be able to start up from Mac OSX or Windows.

Step 4

Install the PC game you want to play. Intel Macs have been known to run Half Life 2 and other newer PC games remarkably smoothly.

Step 5

Play the PC game on your Mac.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are thinking of using a Mac primarily for gaming, it is probably the wrong decision. it is a better idea to buy or build a cheap PC and use it chiefly for gaming. It will run the games more smoothly and be more reliable for the games you want to play in the long run.

References & Resources