How to Use Print Screen in Vista

By Techwalla Contributor

Don't know how to print what is on your screen in Vista? Want more control over the entire process? Learn how to capture a screen shot a few different ways using the Microsoft Vista operating system.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Something on the screen
  • Microsoft Vista

Step 1

There are three different ways to capture an image off of your screen. Take a look at all of them below and decide which is best for you. If you choose 2 or 3, jump down to number 5 afterwards. If you choose 4, you're done!(Pick step 2 or 3 and then continue on to 5 or go use number 4)

Step 2

Print ScreenPress the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It should be next to the F12 button, above the Insert button. Pressing it automatically captures everything that is up on your screen right that second.

Step 3

Alt + Print ScreenHolding down the ALT button and then pressing the Print Screen button will capture a picture of the active window. That is, the window you clicked on or typed in right before pressing the button.

Step 4

Snipping ToolGo to the Start Button (the one that looks like the microsoft flag), go to All Programs, Accessories, and select Snipping Tool. Or you can go to the Start Button and in the search bar type in "Snipping".After opening the Sniping Tool, follow the instructions! It will have you select the area you want to copy. After that it will open up the image and you can save it where you want. You're done!

Step 5

Open up PaintGo to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and Paint or go to Start and type in "Paint" in the search bar.Once in Paint, press Ctrl-V or go to "Edit" and select "Paste". After that do whatever you want to your image and you're done!

Tips & Warnings

  • The Print Screen button just copies everything on your screen so that you can paste it into another program later.