How to Use Rice to Dry and Fix Your Wet Cell Phone

By Techwalla Contributor

Dropping your cell phone in water is not necessarily a death sentence if you move fast enough. Obviously, speed is the name of the game in getting your wet cell phone dry to prevent the water from damaging its internal components. Work super fast to prevent your cell phone from succumbing to a water-induced demise.

Step 1

Get your cell phone out of the water and rinse it off with fresh water if you dropped it into salt water.

Step 2

Avoid the temptation to turn on your cell phone to see if it is still working and remove the battery immediately. Dry the battery off with a soft, absorbent cloth and set it aside.

Step 3

Remove the SIM card if easily accessible. Dry it with a soft towel by patting it gently. Set it aside. SIM cards are relatively resistant to water, but if you can remove it, do so to avoid losing your SIM card and the information stored on it, such as your contacts.

Step 4

Get the excess water off your wet cell phone. Gently shake and blow the water off; an can of compressed air is perfect for this trick. Use a soft non-fibrous cloth or paper towels to pat your partially disassembled cell phone dry.

Step 5

Fill a bowl full of rice. Place your cell phone, battery and SIM card into the rice and bury them completely. Allow the rice to absorb the moisture out of your cell phone and its parts all night. If your cell phone is really drenched, leave it in the rice for at least 24 hours.

Step 6

Remove the cell phone, battery and SIM card from the rice. Blow off the rice dust with your can of compressed air, or blow on it yourself being careful not to spit.

Step 7

Reassemble your cell phone and turn it on to see if it is still working.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many people think of using heat to dry things quickly and though it is true that heat will dry your cell phone it can also warp parts or cause glues to come apart inside your phone. Alcohol also is recommended by some, but the glues inside the cell phone can be dissolved by alcohol. If you are quick in response there is a very good chance your wet mobile phone will spring back good as new from a short accidental immersion in water and a wet cell phone can be saved from being permanently damaged by the use of rice.
  • Avoid using heat or alcohol to dry out your cell phone. These two methods will only cause more damage.