How to Use Samsung Phones

By Wirnani Garner

Samsung is a leader in cell phone technology and has several of the top brands on the market. All are easy to use, affordable and durable. Learn how to insert the SIM card and charge your Samsung phone to begin using it.

Things You'll Need

  • Samsung telephone

Step 1

Open the back of the Samsung phone and find the SIM card. This will be a small square-shaped micro plastic chip.

Step 2

Power down the cell phone and remove the battery from the back portion of the phone. Place your SIM card into the slot where the arrows are facing upwards. Once this clicks in place, you have the card facing the right direction.

Step 3

Place the battery back to its original position and close the casing around it till it clicks.

Step 4

Check the battery level to ensure it has a full charge. This will allow you to have hours of talk time on the phone without it going dead in the middle of a call. If the battery is not fully charged, plug the phone charger into one end of the phone and a wall socket. Wait a few minutes till the battery is fully charged.

Step 5

Turn the Samsumg phone on and power up. If the battery is fully charged, place a test call to another line. If you reach the other party, your phone is in working order. Have the other party call you back to make sure you can receive calls as well.