How to Use Strikethrough in Email

By Chris Miksen

Using strikethrough in an email message is typically done for added effect in a sentence or paragraph. Unfortunately, you've probably noticed that most email clients do not include a strikethrough button nor do they support HTML in the message. The lack of HTML support and a strikethrough button make it impossible to use strikethrough, at least in the email client itself. You can still send the email message as intended, but you'll need to use a word processing program to use the strikethrough font.

Step 1

Open a word processing application.

Step 2

Type your entire email message in the body of a new document, or just type the sentence that includes the strikethrough. Since some email programs do not convert certain word processing styles, it's often better to type only the sentence that includes the strikethrough.

Step 3

Highlight the word or words you wish to strikethrough. Click the "Strikethrough" button, which is often indicated by one line going through an "abc" icon. If the icon is not visible, open your toolbar options or "Font" options and enable the button to appear by default.

Step 4

Copy the entire text and paste it in to your email message.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your email client offers the option of changing the email to rich text format, you may be able to choose the strikethrough option within the email. Check the "Font" or "Styles" menu for the "Strikethrough" option after changing the format to rich text.