How to Use Templates in PowerPoint 2007

By Techwalla Computers Editor

PowerPoint has set up many templates that help you make your presentation. Just try a few of them to see how you like them. Pull in the newest templates and even make your own. Your skills with PowerPoint will shine with the new features Microsoft has installed. There are even add-on programs that you can use to create more ideal works of business art. Read on to learn how to use templates in PowerPoint 2007.

Things You'll Need

  • PowerPoint 2007

Step 1

Start PowerPoint 2007. Click on the "Office" button. Open the window that controls templates when you choose "New." Choose the type of template you want to use. There are templates included with the PowerPoint program. You have the opportunity to look online for others offered by Microsoft.

Step 2

Take the option of going to web-based Microsoft PowerPoint templates or choose the template you want to use from the selection that comes up.

Step 3

Call up Microsoft Office online to get a feel for the lessons that Microsoft offers. They even give you a free trial option.

Step 4

Apply "Smart" features to your presentations in PowerPoint 2007 with a click of a button. Format the SmartArt diagrams with The Quick Style Gallery. This is where you can to make your presentations come alive.

Step 5

Understand that PowerPoint 2007 uses "Themes" to change the templates. This replaces the "Design Templates" that were used in previous PowerPoint versions.