How to Use the Code Search on a RCA Remote Control

By William Pullman

RCA universal remote controls are a convenient alternative to having a separate remote control for each device in your home entertainment center. By programming each device into your remote control, you can eliminate the clutter of extra remote controls. RCA remote controls are programmed by manually entering the device codes. If you do not have the device codes, you can search for the device's code using the code search feature.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA remote
  • TV and other devices

Step 1

Turn on the device that you want to control with the universal remote.

Step 2

Hold down the "Code Search" button on the remote control until the indicator light turns on. When the light turns on, the remote is in programming mode.

Step 3

Press the button on the remote control that corresponds to the device you are programming. For example, if you're programming your DVD player, press the "DVD" button. The indicator light will blink when you press the device button.

Step 4

Point the universal remote at the device and press the "On/Off" button slowly and repeatedly until the device powers down. The remote control has approximately 200 codes stored in its memory, any of which could control the device. It may take up to 200 presses before the code is found.

Step 5

Press the "Enter" button to save the code. The indicator light will turn off and you can use the remote regularly.