How to Use the Cropping Tool in Adobe Acrobat

By K.C. Winslow

The cropping tool in Adobe Acrobat allows you to determine a specific area of a page in a PDF to be displayed. In Acrobat, unlike many applications, the cropped area is hidden, rather than being removed entirely. The cropping tool is useful in adjusting a PDF that contains pages of different sizes so that all the pages appear consistently.

Step 1

Go to the "Tools" menu, highlight "Advanced Editing" and choose the "Crop Tool".

Step 2

Click and drag on the PDF to draw a rectangle over the area of the page you want to retain. You can adjust the size of the rectangle after it is drawn by using its corner handles.

Step 3

Enter measurements in the "Margin Controls" area, if necessary, to match the measurements of other pages. Alternatively, change the entire page size by selecting from the standard page sizes in the "Page Sizes" menu or entering a custom page size in the text boxes.

Step 4

Press the "OK" button to apply the cropping to the page.

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