How to Use the Internet on a Cell Phone for Free

By Michelle Varsallona

Popular phones that are used today are smartphones. Smartphones include the Blackberry, Droid, iPhone and Palm models. These phones have Internet and email capabilities. These phones offer data plans to access the Internet but do not typically offer free Internet. iPhones and some other smartphones, such as phones with the Windows Mobile operating system, have Wi-Fi capabilities which will allow you to access wireless Internet for free wherever you are. You will only have access to the Wi-Fi on these phones if your cell phone carrier allows it. Also, iPhones require data plans, yet are Wi-Fi capable. On some phones, the data plan is not required, and they are Wi-Fi capable. So in this case, you would still have to pay for a data plan on the iPhone, but there are phones that the data plan is optional and you can still access the Internet freely if you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Things You'll Need

  • Wi-Fi enabled smartphone (Check this by referring to your user manual and your carrier)

Step 1

Choose the Wi-Fi option on your phone. Where this option can be found varies per phone. You might have to go into your phone's "Options" or "Connections" settings to change it. On some phones, the Wi-Fi option will be on the main menu. If you have trouble locating the Wi-Fi options, consult your phone's user manual.

Step 2

Choose "Wi-Fi" or "Wi-Fi On" if it is currently off. When you make your selection there should be a clear indication it is on by either a check mark next to Wi-Fi or a certain color, symbol or the words "Wi-Fi" on the front screen of the phone.

Step 3

Manage your connections by choosing which network you want to connect if there are multiple ones in the area.

Tips & Warnings

  • The area you are trying to access Wi-Fi in might have a secured network; not all Wi-Fi is free. You must either find an area where the network is unsecured or you know the password.
  • If you have any complications connecting to an unsecured network with your phone, consult the user manual or your phone's customer service phone line for troubleshooting options.