How to Use the Internet Without an ISP

By LissaJ

An Internet Service Provider gives you an Internet service - whether it is cable, broadband, dial up, wireless, or any other type of service. To use the Internet, you might think that you need to pay for it and have an ISP of your own. However, there are a number of legal ways to get free Internet access, without your own ISP.

Step 1

Take your laptop to a coffee house, restaurant, hotel, library, city center, or any other building in your town that advertises free Internet or Wi-Fi hotspots.

Step 2

Check "available wireless connections" in the lower right hand of your screen while you are at home. Many cities have free wireless in lots of locations, and you might be able to tap into it. Other cities have paid service, but it is usually cheaper than going with your own ISP.

Step 3

Check with your neighbors to see if you can borrow their Internet access. If they allow this, they will give you the code or password or Internet key needed to log on to their wireless account.

Tips & Warnings

  • You cannot usually find wired connections you can access without your own ISP--they will usually be Wi-Fi, meaning wireless.
  • Do not try to access the Internet unless you are at a place that advertises free access, you have paid for the service, or the person who has the service has said you can use it at no charge.

References & Resources