How to Use the Nextar Digital MP3 Player

By Mary Gonzales

The Nextar digital MP3 player comes in colors and is compact and versatile. The introduction of new microchips and materials to the manufacturing of MP3s makes them lighter in weight, more durable and capable of storing more data. It is important to know how to use your Nextar digital MP3 player so that you can fully enjoy its features.

Step 1

Make sure the battery is in battery holder inside the MP3 player.

Step 2

Hold the MP3 player on its side with the buttons facing up. Look for the big silver button on the left hand side. This is the "Play" button.

Step 3

Push the "Play" button to turn on the MP3 player. You should see the screen light up immediately.

Step 4

Press the "Menu" button on the top left of the player. Look at the screen and notice the five options that will appear on the screen. The options are "Music," "Record," "Voice," "Browse Files" and "System Settings."

Step 5

Press the "Menu" button on the icon of the feature you wish to choose. If you want to listen to music push the "Menu" button on the side until "Music" is highlighted. Press the "Play" button and the music will begin. Press "Play" again to pause or stop the music.

Step 6

Plug in your earphones to the jack on the left side of the MP3 player. Press the plus and minus buttons on the bottom of the player to adjust the volume.

Step 7

Press the "Menu" button and select "Record." Push the "Play" button to record your voice or anything else you want to record. Press the "Play" button again to save what you have recorded.

Step 8

Push the "Menu" and choose "Voice." Press the "Play" button to playback what you have recorded.

Step 9

Go back to the Menu and select "Browse." This will show all the music files you have in the MP3 player. Press the "Play" button to play a song you want to hear.

Step 10

Select "Settings" on the Menu and set options to personalize your mp3 player such as how long the backlight will be illuminated and the language you want to use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turn off your MP3 player when you are not using it to have longer battery life.
  • When you are using the mp3 player for the first time, allow the battery to completely discharge before charging it.
  • Never put your earphones on unless you know the volume is low. Loud sounds could damage your hearing.