How to Use Webcams With WebEx

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If there is one common complaint about online meetings among employees, it is probably the fact that they tend to feel quite impersonal. A simple way to help alleviate that feeling is to allow the participants to see each other by using webcams. Like other collaborative applications, WebEx allows you to set up online meetings during which you can broadcast your webcam's video feed as well as watch other participants. You can share your webcam on WebEx directly from within the main meeting interface.


Step 1

Connect to a meeting. The list of participants displays in the right pane.

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Step 2

Click on the "Camera" icon next to your name to allow the other participants to see you on your webcam.


Step 3

Activate the webcam sharing view to be able to watch the videos of all of the other participants who have also opted to share their webcam. To do so, click on the "Active Participants" icon and select "Webcam Sharing." In this mode, you can watch up to six streams at a time. The larger video that is featured at the top of the participants list is, by default, the webcam feed of the person who is currently speaking.


WebEx should automatically detect your webcam. If it doesn't or if the video is blank, try leaving the WebEx meeting and reconnecting to it. In addition, before starting WebEx, make sure to exit any program that might also use your webcam.

Webcams that are listed as compatible with your version of Windows on Microsoft's Compatibility Center website should work in WebEx.

If you are the meeting's host, you also have the ability to manually select the video that is displayed at the top of the participants list. To do so, click on the name of the active speaker and select a different participant.


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