How to Use WiFi for a Cell Signal

By Iam Jaebi

As cell phones become more sophisticated and wireless networks more accessible, consumers gain a viable backup solution to mobile calling: Wi-Fi calls. Whenever you're out of range or inexplicably unable to get a solid cell phone signal, use your phone's Wi-Fi feature to connect to a network and make phone calls using the Internet. There are a variety of methods to make Wi-Fi calls but your phone must be equipped with Wi-Fi and in some cases, your carrier must allow Wi-Fi calling in order for it to work.

Things You'll Need

  • Wi-Fi enabled smartphone

Step 1

Turn on your phone's Wi-Fi setting and connect to an available wireless network. Scroll through your phone's applications and tap "Wi-Fi Calling." Download the app from your phone's application store if it isn't already on your phone. Turn on Wi-Fi Calling when the application loads and wait for confirmation you are connected to make Wi-Fi calls. An icon displays in the status bar indicating the feature is active and your cell phone bars will become inactive. Make calls as you normally would.

Step 2

Ensure you are connected to a wireless network and then download a VoIP application from your phone's application store. Enter your details in the applications on screen menu to create an account and then log into the VoIP application. Allow the application to access your contact list data, if prompted. Otherwise, you must type in the number of each person you want to call via the application interface, which becomes cumbersome.

Step 3

Turn on your Wi-Fi antenna. Next, navigate to your phone's network settings and turn on the UMA option. UMA opens a connection through the Internet to your wireless carrier allowing you to make calls without the use of a cell phone signal. Your plan minutes and text message package is still used when using this option.