How to Verify Fax Numbers

By Contributing Writer

When faxing documents, it is important to have the correct fax number. Having an incorrect fax number can cause complications as well as frustration and delays because critical information has not reached its destination. The use of a software program that's been especially designed to verify phone numbers could make your next fax error free.

Things You'll Need

  • Total Fax software program (XP and Vista compatible)

Step 1

Go to the website to verify the number (see link in Resources). This software searches the Internet to verify the number you are trying to use is valid. Total Fax is one of many fax verification software packages. The software costs about $30.

Step 2

Begin your search by entering the area code in the designated field. The field is highlighted to make the process easier. There are different prefixes for the same area codes, so this option is sometimes used when one company has several different numbers and uses them interchangeably.

Step 3

The option of using a keyword for the search is available, if you want to know how the business is listed on the Internet or with other communication publications.

Step 4

Decide which search engine you want to use to verify the fax number. You also have the option of using several different search engines to maximize your results if you do not locate the fax number with the original search engine selected. Wait for the results of the search, which will show you if the fax number is valid.

Step 5

Search results do not take a long time, so your wait should only be about 1 to 2 minutes. Using the search results, you are ready to send your fax transmission. Make sure to enter the fax number correctly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure when you receive the fax number you have written the number correctly. If you are talking to the individual on the telephone, ask them to repeat the number.People make mistakes with numbers all the time. They reverse numbers or even mix the numbers up unintentionally. To avoid the hassles of the incorrect number, it is also a good idea to call the receiver of the fax before sending it to make sure they have provided the correct number. Once you have sent the fax, verify that it has been received.

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