How to View a Street Level of Your Own House

By Quinten Plummer

Launched back in 2007, Google's "street view" provides you with full 360 degree panoramic shots of map points in both Google Earth and Google Maps. Google has compiled millions of street view shots from public streets around the world, with its cache of panoramic shots constantly growing and updating. And if you live on a listed road, you can check out a street-level view of your house.

Step 1

Start Google Earth or navigate to Google Maps in your web browser. Enter your street address and city into the field under the "Fly To" tab in the top left corner of Google Earth or in the search field in Google Maps.

Step 2

Click on the magnifying glass icon outside of the field to initiate search for your address. Your address will be plotted on the map using a square marker.

Step 3

Drag the slider on the zoom tool--located in the top left corner of the program--towards the "+" side of the tool to zoom in on your address. Alternatively, you can slide the scroll button on your mouse up to zoom in.

Step 4

Click on the camera icon located nearest to the marker set for your house. Click on the "Show Fullscreen" option in the pop-up menu that appears, to enter "Street View."

Step 5

Drag the street-level image to pan around it. If your selected view doesn't provide a view of your house, click on the visible Street View camera icons to move forward or backwards.

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