How to View an EMZ File

By Jim Campbell

An EMZ is a Windows compressed file that contains an image. You can view the image using Microsoft Word or Visio, but first the EMZ file needs extraction to a location on your hard drive. Since the compression is a Windows format, you can use the internal Windows operating system zip-and-unzip procedure to extract the file. After extraction, use your Microsoft Word program to view the image content.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word

Step 1

Double-click the EMZ file on your Windows Desktop. This opens the compressed file, so you can see the EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) file contained in the zip archive. The EMF is the image file viewable with Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Right-click the white space in the opened zip file and select "Extract All." A window opens prompting you for a location for the extracted file. Click "Browse" and select a location on your hard drive for the extracted file.

Step 3

Click "Extract" to uncompress the EMF file to the chosen location on your hard drive. Double-click the file in its copied location. Microsoft Windows automatically opens and displays your EMF image for viewing.