How to View Full Web Pages on an IPhone

Mobile websites are optimized for cell phones, making them quicker to load and easier to view. However, they may not always contain all the information or features you need. If you want to view the full desktop version of a website from your iPhone, you can use a switching feature in your Safari browser or a link in the mobile site. Keep in mind that these methods won't always work, as some websites, including, restrict iPhone access to mobile versions.

Businessman Surfing Social Networking Site On Mobilephone
Mobile websites are usually stripped-down versions of desktop websites.
credit: AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

Use Safari's Desktop Switch

Apple created a new way to access desktop websites in iOS 8 using a Safari command. Open the website in Safari and tap its URL address in the search bar to highlight it. Swipe the page down and select "Request Desktop Site." If the site allows the switch, your page will refresh to the full version. Typically, this isn't a permanent fix and the next time you load the site, it will default to the mobile version. If the switch doesn't work, the website may have desktop site restrictions or may require you to switch using a link on its mobile site.

Use a Website's Desktop Link

If you scroll down a mobile website, you may find a link to the full site. Typically, look for links the bottom of the screen called "desktop site" or "desktop version," for example. If you can't find a link, chances are you can view only the mobile site on your iPhone. If there is a link, tap it to open the full website. You'll stay in desktop view until you close the window or navigate to a different site. If you tap the link, but you still see the mobile version, try navigating to a different page in the website -- sometimes, you can't see the switch until you open a new page.