How to View My Pix on Verizon

By Mandy Slake

You can view pictures taken by your phone on the Verizon Wireless Pix Place website after transferring them from your phone. Transferring your photos to the Pix Place site does not require any extra equipment such as a memory card or USB data cable, and the site supports both still pictures and videos. Once the pictures are on the site, you can download them to your computer and send them to other people without worrying about charges for picture messaging.

Step 1

Open the "My Pictures" or "My Videos" menu on your Verizon Wireless phone. The location of the menu option varies by handset, so check the manual for your device.

Step 2

Press "Options" or "Menu" depending on your model of device.

Step 3

Open "Photo" or "Video" and select the "Send" option on the screen. Press or touch the "Add" option, select "OnlineAlbum" or "To PIX Place," and select "Send."

Step 4

Open the browser on your computer and go to the website.

Step 5

Log in to your My Verizon account with your user ID and password. The pictures display on the screen.

Step 6

Click the picture you want to view.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your phone doesn't have an option to send the picture to Pix Place or to an online album, send the picture as an MMS to 438749.