How to View Private Facebook Profiles

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Trying to View Private Facebook Profiles

There are a gazillion reasons to want to know how to view private Facebook profiles. Facebook battles with Myspace as the leading online social networking site. One of the ways Facebook differentiates itself from other online social networking sites is its variety of privacy features. Facebook's privacy features draw users of all ages and of differing comfort levels with information being online. Since its inceptions users have been hungry to breakthrough those features for a variety of reasons.


Step 1

SIGN INTO FACEBOOK - If you are already a Facebook user, log in with your regular name. If you have not used online social networking sites in the past, this step should still be very easy. Just fill in the sign up information and continue.


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Step 2

CLICK ON SETTINGS AND THEN PRIVACY SETTING IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER - Here you can adjust your personal settings to block specific users, make sure only your friends can see your settings and even block people from searching for you. It is your right as a user of Facebook to decide who can view the information you post. This prevents stalkers from going onto your page, ex-girlfriends, bosses, etc. These security functions are the same ones the person whose private Facebook profile you want to view uses to protect his/her profile.


Step 3

CLICK ON THE FRIENDS TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE - These people are the people you have chosen to allow to view your photos and profile. These people have also given you permission to get a glimpse of their life by reading information about them and looking at their photo albums. People who have private profiles, only allow their Facebook friends to see it.


Step 4

SEARCH FOR THE PERSON WHOSE PRIVATE PROFILE YOU WANT TO SEE - Do this by typing their name in the upper right hand search box.


Step 5

CLICK THE "ADD AS FRIEND" OPTION - When requesting them as a friend, it is pretty important that you click "add a personal message." It can be as vague as, "Hi ____, I noticed you in history class the other day and wanted to get to know you better. I was so excited to see that you had facebook. Ciao" or it could be, "I know we haven't talked in a while, but I just wanted to check in on you and see how your doing. I'm glad to see your on a social networking site, so we can communicate via the internet."


Step 6

PLAY THE WAITING GAME - Most people will get an e-mail that you requested their friendship, but some just don't check that often. If too much time passes, consider sending them a message on Facebook (most users let you do this even if you aren't "friends").


Step 7

RESPECT THEIR DECISION - Whether they decide to add you as a friend or not it is vital that you respect their decision. This is their personal information, and it is their right to decide who to share it with. You have the SAME right. Try not to take offense if you aren't added as a friend, some people are very private with their information. If they are a good friend, you COULD talk to them about it, or you could just go on your way, hoping that one day they will share that part of them with you.


Step 8

DO NOT TRY TO HACK INTO THEIR ACCOUNT - Would you break into their house and look through their photo albums? That is pretty creepy and a violation of privacy. Just because it is a social networking site does not give you the right to spy on someone and hack into their information. While doing research for this article, I looked into a few methods to see a person's private profile illegally (experimented with GOOD friends). I could not find one that worked. While some of them worked on outdated versions of Facebook, Facebook keeps updating so that your privacy is intact. Be thankful for that. Also, stay away from anything you have to download as this could VERY easily be virus ridden.


If you are feeling shy or embarrassed to ask for a friend request, you will have to overcome those feelings or not see their profile. While some people are very guarded with their privacy, others are not at all and will gladly accept you as a friend even if they barely know you. If you have any doubt, ask a friend for advice on writing the personal message. It is not ok to break onto their site to spy on them without their knowledge. If they made their profile private they did so for a reason. Good luck everyone!!! Enjoy social networking and hope everything works out the best for you!!