How to View Security Cameras Online

By Brenton Shields

With the advent of remote cameras--sometimes called IP or Internet cameras--users can now monitor their homes, children or offices from anywhere in the world where they have access to the Internet. These special cameras, which are often used for security purposes, are inexpensive and relatively easy to install. Once accessed, you can view the camera's images and, with some cameras, even manipulate its movements.

Things You'll Need

  • IP camera
  • Software

Step 1

Set up the camera, using the instructions provided. This typically involves plugging the camera into your computer with an Ethernet cable and running the software.

Step 2

Enter the camera's IP address. This can usually be found on the camera's packaging or within its instruction manual. Leave the camera connected to the computer.

Step 3

Enter the IP address into the browser's address bar on any Internet-connected computer and press "enter." A menu should pop up that allows you to navigate the camera's features, which include viewing its images and may include the ability to maneuver it around and even zoom in and out.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many IP cameras offer the option to password-protect your camera, meaning you must enter the password whenever you wish to view its images remotely. This is highly recommended, as anyone who may accidentally stumble across your camera's IP address will be able to view the camera's images, which could be a very serious invasion of your privacy.

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