How to Watch DIRECTV on the Computer

By Resonna Shaw

Watching your favorite channels on your computer gives you the convenience of streaming your favorite shows to watch anywhere and anytime. DirecTV allows you to use your existing HD DVR and your home network to streamline DirecTV-enabled channels directly to your computer. Although you can't stream live television shows on your computer, you can watch your favorite prerecorded shows.

Things You'll Need

  • DirecTV subscription with HD DVR service activated
  • Home network with wireless router
  • Windows-based PC

Step 1

Go to and download the "Playback Advisor" program. Run the downloaded program. This program will determine if your computer meets the basic requirements to use "DIRECTV2PC" program. A "Final Results" screen will state if your computer is compatible with the "DIRECT2PC" program.

Step 2

Download and run the "DirecTV2PC" program when prompted. The program will verify your home network. During the scan, you may need to disable any firewalls.

Step 3

Stream your DirecTV programs to your computer using the interface. Your DirecTV HD DVR should have access to your wireless network and computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact DirecTV if you require additional assistance.
  • DirecTV2PC only works with certain HD DVR systems.