How to Wipe a BlackBerry Bold

By Aaron Wein

Your BlackBerry Bold can store a host of important data, such as contact information, email and text messages. If you plan on selling or giving the device away, manually deleting all of this sensitive material can waste hours. Research In Motion, the developer of BlackBerry, lets you customize a device wipe to expedite the process. When you open the "Security Wipe" form, you can choose which items you to delete, including messages, applications and the data on your media card. So let your Bold do the work when it is time to clear your device.

Step 1

Open the "Options" icon on the Bold's home screen. A list of options will appear in alphabetical order.

Step 2

Select "Security."

Step 3

Select "Security Wipe." A new wipe configuration screen will open.

Step 4

Place checks next to "Emails, Contacts, Etc," "User Installed Applications" and "Media Card" as desired. A check next to an item means the device will clear all of its data during the wipe.

Step 5

Type "blackberry" into the confirmation text field near the bottom of the "Security Wipe" configuration page.

Step 6

Select the "Wipe" button at the bottom of the "Security Wipe" configuration page. The devices will take a few minutes to wipe.