How to Wipe an iPod

By Lauren Wise

iPods can be restored, or "wiped," for several reasons. Maybe you want to get rid of all your music, games or photo files to put the device back to factory settings, or perhaps you wish to hook it up to another computer to download all the music files on that iTunes. Whatever the reason, wiping an iPod will erase everything on its memory, restoring it to empty. The process is simple and quick, and only requires iTunes software, the iPod cord and an Internet connection.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod
  • iTunes software
  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • USB or FireWire cable

Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer. Plug in the USB port to the computer, then into your iPod.

Step 2

Click on your iPod when it appears on the iTunes icon page. At the bottom of the iPod information, click on the button that says "Restore." Then click the version of iPod software you want to overwrite on the iPod.

Step 3

Log in as an administrator if necessary (only on Mac computers). After you log in, you can see the ongoing process of the iPod "wiping" on iTunes. Keep the iPod plugged in until a set-up assistant notice pops up that tells you your iPod has been erased.

Step 4

Click OK for the notice, then proceed with the process of renaming the iPod (if desired) and answering any other prompts.

Step 5

Start loading other songs, photo files or other information to reload your iPod, or else provide the device to another user if that was the purpose of wiping the iPod.