How to Wire My House for Cable TV

By Jack Gorman

Most cable television installers will include what they call "standard installation" when you sign up as a new customer. That actually means "any television we can access without breaking a sweat." If you need any wires run to your basement, or perhaps to a bedroom with an interior wall, you're looking at a pretty hefty charge. But it's not hard to do it yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • RG-6 coaxial cable
  • High-grade coaxial cable splitter(s)
  • Drill, with a bit the width of the cable
  • Clear caulking

Step 1

Determine where your cable comes onto your property, which is called the main line. This will usually be near your power or water meter. You are looking for a coaxial wire that has a round metal screw end with a pin sticking out of the middle of it.

Step 2

Connect a splitter to the main line. Insert the pin from the end into the hole on the input end of your splitter. Tighten it in place by twisting the metal end.

Step 3

Determine where you want your cable hookups, then figure out the best route to run the wire.

Step 4

Drill a hole to run the wire inside. Determine where you want the wire coming through your wall, and drill a hole. Push the wire through the hole and run it to your television.

Step 5

Caulk the wire at the holes to seal it in place. Allow to dry, then caulk again.

Step 6

Repeat for all remaining televisions.